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What is Camp ROC Star?

Started in 2009 as just a summer camp, Camp ROC Star, founded by Elvio Fernandes, singer/song writer/keyboardist for the multi-platinum Grammy nominated band Daughtry, is now a year-round music academy that provides aspiring rock musicians, of any age, with an unforgettable learning and performance experience that will improve their playing skills, increase their confidence, foster collaboration with others and inspire them to find the artist within themselves. Rehearsing weekly, your Rock Stars will be mentored by some of Upstate New York’s most talented and experienced musicians/instructors. Each student will be placed in a Camp ROC Band, rehearse and learn a set list, participate in group seminars held by professionals in the music industry, and receive instruction on individual instruments. Once ready with a set list, each band will put on live stage performances at various venues across the area with full production, sound system, and light show. Singers, guitarists, keyboardists, bassists and drummers, of any age, with at least one year experience are encouraged to enroll.

newToday Camp ROC Star is a Year-long Academy for serious musicians of all ages, who want the ultimate "garage band" experience with coaching by top professional musicians. Each band rehearses once per week developing their "set list". Once their set is ready to go, they will perform live at various local music establishments. Get out of your bedrooms and "join a band"!!

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What We Do

Summer Camps

Professional educators and musicians providing a week long day-camp for aspiring young musicians.

Have a Ton of Fun

First and foremost, music should be fun. We make it our mission to keep this true for all our young ROCkers

Boost Confidence

The self esteem we have witnessed in our programs, is nothing short of amazing. Start your Journey today!

Early Registration For 2018 Summer Camp Sessions - Dates: TBD

A Typical Week at Our Summer Sessions

day 1


Limousine Ride to Start Camp
What better way to start off a week of ROCK than with the true “Rock Star” treatment! Your rock star is picked up by limousine to start the first day of camp off right! Upon arrival, they will attend a briefing that will outline the week’s activities. Then it’s off to auditions where your rock star will perform in front of the “ROC Staff” in an “American Idolish” format (but much nicer!) Your rock star is then placed in his/her “ROC band” with other musicians of similar ability and interests. These are the bands that will perform on show night…..Live with full concert style, sound and stage!
DAYS 2-4


Instruction, Practice, Jam & More

Morning sessions will consist of individual instrument classes by professional musicians/instructors, art class for creation of promotional materials, and a seminar in one of the following: songwriting, stage presence, home recording techniques, the business of music, getting great sounds for live performance, and more. After lunch, each band will have “band practice” with the help of an appointed band leader, individual instruction to address problem areas, and attend another seminar or presentation by a professional musician or someone in the music industry.



Rehearsals, Stylist & Live Concert!

Fine tuning and Rehearsals take up most of day preparing for the live performance. The moment they've been waiting for…Camp Roc Star Live In Concert!! A professional stylist will work with each band making sure they look and feel like superstars! Each band will perform their song during a live concert with full production, light show, etc. in front of friends and family. The performance will be video taped and recorded live.


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Camp ROC Star Staff

Elvio Fernandes

Recording Artist, Songwriter, Founder

Rich Greene

Principle, Songwriter, Guitarist

Teena Guarnere

Singer, Vocal Director

John Akers

Performing Artist, Educator

Mark Balestra

Musician, Guitar Instructor

Johnny Cummings

Singer, Songwriter, Producer

Dave Cohen

Percussionist, Instructor

Mike Gladstone

Guitarist, Recording Artist

Jessica Fernandes

Energy Ambassador, Mother

Alex Akers

Performing Artist, Educator

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Our Partners

Camp ROC Star's success is directly tied to our partner relationships. We work with companies that have established a stainless reputation in what they do and we all grow through collaboration. Support our local businesses!