Rich Greene

Songwriter, Guitarist, School Principle

Rich Greene has been an educator of young people for more than twenty years. As an elementary classroom teacher, he taught third grade, fifth grade and Kindergarten. For the last eighteen years, he has been an elementary school principal. One of the key ingredients in his approach to leading and teaching is the use of music to capture the minds and hearts of learners.

It just blows people away because on Monday, they come in all quiet and shy, and Friday they're doing guitar solos in front of 300 people!

But before all that education stuff started to happen, Rich satisfied his itch to be a rock and roller by learning to play guitar in high school and joining a band as soon as he could play three chords with reasonable accuracy – a skill he continues to work on to this day. As front man, singer and guitarist for the band “Reporter.” since 1982, Rich has played thousands of gigs in countless venues ranging from hole-in-the-wall taverns to stadium stages. His experiences include writing and recording original music for adults and children, performances on local and national television, and presentations on effective teaching practices at national education conferences. Rich is beside himself with excitement to be part of “Camp ROC Star” and relishes the chance to introduce young rockers to the sheer joy and ultimate satisfaction of playing in a rock band and performing in front of a live audience!