General Questions

All you need to know about Camp ROC Star and how to get Support.

To have fun! The reasons we all starting playing music and still do it today is because we love it. Playing in a band is one of the coolest things you’ll ever do. Enjoy it! To learn something new about your instrument, the process of making music with other people and performing live. To make new friends as you work together to put on a memorable show for yourselves, your friends and your families.


All cancellation requests must be received in writing prior to August 1st. Camp ROC Star will retain a $100 cancellation fee and will refund any remaining balance. After August 1st tuition and fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.  If your child becomes ill or has an accident within one week prior to your camp start date, inhibiting the child from attending camp, you may cancel, but Camp ROC Star will retain a $100 cancellation fee OR you may opt to receive a full tuition paid credit for the following camp season.  A SIGNED NOTE FROM YOUR PHYSICIAN STATING THAT THE CAMPER IS UNABLE TO ATTEND MUST BE PROVIDED IN ORDER FOR THIS REFUND/CREDIT OPTION TO BE CONSIDERED. If a camper withdraws from camp because of (1) homesickness; (2) refusal to participate in the normal activities of the camp; (3) evidence that some emotional or physical problem which predates their arrival at camp results in the lack of adjustment to camp and/or adversely effects the health and well being of other campers, there will be NO REFUND.  If a camper is requested by the Camp Director to leave camp because of violation of Camper Code of Conduct or because of personal conduct which interferes with the health or welfare of him/herself or others, then no refund will be made.

CRS Policies

The answers on most common questions are described bellow.

Camp ROC Star provides a few choices of payment for your convenience. You can use  Paypal ($565) or send us a check ($549 - payable to Camp Roc Star) with the appropriate printed  forms to: 55 Jewelberry Drive, Webster NY 14580

Camp ROC Star requests permission for the publication of photos, videos, and/or audio recordings of your child. Camper photos may be selected for use in display ads, on promotional materials, in our newsletter, or on the Camp ROC Star website. Video footage may be posted on the Camp ROC Star website.  Audio recordings may be selected for use on the Camp ROC Star website.  Campers who write original compositions will retain ownership of their songs.  Camper names will not be disclosed or published.

You can find all this information on the Registration webpage. It starts with the Registration Form and payment, which secures your child's spot in camp. An Authorization For Treatment Release and a Medical/Emergency information form is also necessary. Lastly, a general Release Form, which covers all policies and the Camper Code of Conduct, is mandatory. 

Great Attitude!
Camp ROC Star Binder (received binder upon arrival which will be used throughout the week)
Singers: Bring your “pipes” (Rock and Roll slang for “your voice”)
Guitar and Bass Players: Bring your “axe” (Rock and Roll slang for guitar)
Drummers: Just bring your sticks
Keyboard Players: All you need are your fingers! (you're welcome to bring your own)

All amplifiers (yes, they all go to “11″), microphones, drum kits, keyboards, cables, speakers, mixers, etc..Lunch, drinks, and snacks for the entire week. Adult supervision at all times. A fun and safe environment for you to learn and perform in. Years of experience and a wealth of knowledge to help unleash the inner “ROCKER” in you!!